Giving Back

Gifts with a social message

 How Can You Make an Impact?

Give Gifts that have a Special Meaning


Choose a gift with a social or  environmental message
and give back to the community 


Support non-profit organizations offering vocational training

 and a secure workplace for

people with special needs


Empower women and marginalized communities in Israel, working together for change, building bridges for future generations

GivinGifts - Unique Gifts that Give Back

A selection of unique gifts with a meaningful message. Our gifts are made by adults with special needs, communities facing a range of challenges in Israeli society and women developing skills for financial independence.

Our shop offers gifts from Israeli non-profit organizations, artists and small businesses in the Galilee. Beautiful gifts with a social or environmental impact.

We stock gifts that encourage coexistence and gifts that promote Fair Trade, recycling and sustainability.  When you shop at GivinGifts every gift you buy helps create jobs, improve lives and contribute to a better and more caring society.