Culinary adventures in the Galilee


Arab cooking workshops which allow the participants a hands-on, true to life cultural immersion. We will take you to places in the Galilee that only a local would know. A Galileat Culinary Day Tour includes wineries, goat and sheep cheese dairies, olive press, coffee roaster, a visit to the local market, together with a Druze cooking workshop, home cooked authentic meal and home hospitality in a local village. Galileat also offers the opportunity to go into the fields and learn which greens are edible and or medicinal, how to identify the different plants, what parts are eaten and how they are picked. After picking just enough for our own needs, we will go back to our host's home, where we will learn how to clean, prepare and cook the wild greens we have foraged from the field. Finishing the preparation, we sit at the table and consume what we have foraged, cleaned and cooked. We can adjust the length of our programs to suit your needs, time available and the size of your group.

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