Colorful socks made from recycled materials

Solemate Socks - Cosmos


Life's too short to fit pairs of socks together! Each pair of these luxury socks has a common language but the socks are not identical to each other. Cool, colorful, happy and warm socks in refreshing designs. The socks are made from recycled T-shirt remnants and approved by a standard mark - Oeko-Tex, which requires that the materials be free of harmful materials, made with respect for the environment and respect for human rights . Material composition 62% recycled cotton, 22% polyester , 15% nylon , 1% lycra . Large 43-45, Medium 38-42, Small 35-37.

  • The story behind this product

    In the 1990s, the sock industry flourished in Israel, and with it a factory in a settlement in the Western Galilee that provided employment and livelihood for many of the members of the nearby village. After years of operation, the company was bought by Delta and production of socks ceased.

    Longing for the good old days when quality socks were produced in the community and together with the constant demand for socks, a store opened in the commercial complex in the community. At the same time, in the neighbouring village of Kawkab, Mustafa and Yusuf Hajjaj, who had worked in the factory for many years, decided to start producing socks in their village. They purchased 14 knitting machines and set up a small family factory.

    They decided to create a local Galilean brand of socks and call the collection "socks of yesteryear" inspired by socks made in the past and difficult to achieve today both in terms of design and quality. Their factory produces high-quality, colorful and cosy socks.

    Theirs is a story that combines nostalgia, Jewish-Arab cooperation, and love for socks.

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