Pencil Holder with Flower Pot

Pencil Holder with Flower Pot


Pencil holder with flower pot
Size of the plant pot without the cactus: width 10 cm, depth 9 cm, height 11 cm .

  • The story behind this product


    The Soul Bird Charity is an organization that provides meaningful employment to people with special needs, who are unable to integrate into the regular workforce or other rehabilitation frameworks. Members are involved in several workshops: carpentry, working the print machines and laser cutting machines. The range of work is varied, and members have a personal rehabilitation program adapted to their professional abilities. This work environment enables each participant to experience as many jobs as possible then choose the one that suits them best. The organization employs workers from the Druze sector and from the Jewish sector. The Soul Bird Charity believes that their employees, like any healthy worker, have the right to work in a respectable, challenging job in which they can express their skills and abilities and realize their full potential.

    The project enables the rehabilitators to work in a positive work environment that combines healthy people with people with special needs and enables normative and healthy working conditions.

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