Recycled Paper Bracelet

Recycled Paper Bracelet


This bracelet consists of many small disks, cut from old books. 
The movement created is fascinating and the bracelet is comfortable and soft to wear.
The disks size is a diameter of 7.62 cm (3/4 ") threaded on to an elastic cord. The dimensions of the bracelets range between 24-30 cm. It can be made to measure.

  • The story behind this product

    Wear the books you love!
    Unique jewelry made by Hedva from recycled books turned into fantastic pieces of wearable art.
    Paper is many a thing, a carrier of text, illustration, history, and emotion. We are proud to share with you our range of recycled jewelry that is original, ecological, lightweight, and colorful.

    Our one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are fashioned by cutting pages into little round or oval-shaped discs and stringing them together with a few beads. The jewelry is made from Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic texts. Sometimes the piece is made up of one language and sometimes from a few different languages strung together.
    We also take special requests to make bespoke jewelry from a client’s favorite read. That is, providing you have an extra copy of it lying around ready to be recycled into a unique piece of jewelry!

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